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About Us

Mercy Said No Inc is a non-profit, 501 c 3 organization based in Atlanta, GA and we have been coordinating medical missions to Africa annually since 2012. Our mission is to provide evidence based access to basic healthcare to the underserved. Our goal is to help bridge the healthcare gap by providing health screening, medications and health education to the communities we serve.

We focus on non-communicable diseases, mainly HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE and DIABETES which outside of malaria are the top causes of death to millions in African countries. Access to basic healthcare is close to non-existent and not affordable. 8 out of every 10 people we see have a trace to full blown high blood pressure. The poverty level is so blatant that struggling to provide food for the family is a higher priority than health. We bring help and hope. Our team of volunteers includes Physicians, Nurses, Therapists, Pharmacists and Non-medical staff.

Mercy Said No will continue to focus on making a positive difference in Africa and our local provinces.

What Can I Do?

Anyone can make a big difference in small ways. Here are a few: Acknowledge. Simply making eye contact and even smiling at those you pass on the street is a good first step. It makes a difference when people are seen, rather than ignored.


Contributions of any size make it possible to serve more people in need.

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Personal hygiene items, undergarments, socks and clothing are vital to our guests. You can help fulfill our guests’ needs.

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Volunteers make our work possible, both individuals and groups. Sign up or drop us a line at damiaina@mercysaidno.org.

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