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Past Mission Trips

Since our inception, MercySaidNo has been actively involved in organizing various mission trips to Nigeria and are committed to help those in need by providing clothing, shoes, books, toys, hugs, medical supplies and even medical treatment. Click below to learn about our past mission trips

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Current Project - Medical Mission 2016

We are currently working on our next medical mission trip set for April 4-8, 2016. We will be visiting a State hospital, an orphanage, and village in Ogun State, Nigeria. Our focus will be to continue treating the people battling with the two number killers in the country which are High Blood Pressure and Diabetes. We will also be visiting a few orphanages to show our love by providing clothing, shoes, toys, books, and hugs..

Our Focus

Our focus is on the communities in Nigeria. According to studies done by UNICEF, the population in Nigeria is at 150 million. 90 million are living below poverty level and 8.6 million are orphans. Most of these orphans are exposed to so much abuse (sexual, physical and mental). MSN is focused on educating family caregivers and orphanages as well as providing them with the resources to keep the young children out of harm's way.

"Nigeria is facing an emergency situation in which millions of children are in dire need of care and special protection measures" – UNICEF